DDJ Disability Social Security Disability Application

Social Security Disability Applications

Before you apply for social security disability benefits, you may want to determine whether you qualify. You can learn more about how the Social Security Administration defines disability by visiting here.

Social Security Disability Applications

Millions of people apply for SS disability benefits every year, so statistically, you’re more likely to be denied than approved. That’s why many frustrated clients seek the help of DDJ Disability each month. There are 1,300 SSA Disability offices around the country should you need assistance in addition to information provided online.

If you visit the SSA website to begin your application, and find it confusing to complete the process, you may consider our advocacy services to help you navigate the application process. With years of experience recording cases, it could prove valuable to talk through the rationale for your case. Our services are affordable, and the compassionate support you’ll receive could get your disability application off to the right start.

There are four steps in the Online Disability Application Process:

  • Provide Background Information
  • Provide Disability Information
  • Sign Medical Release
  • Confirmation

It may take anywhere one to three hours to complete all the steps in the process, and each step is progressive. In other words, you must complete each step before you move to the next step. However, you do not have to complete all the steps at once.

Before you begin your application, review the Checklist for

Begin your application here.

Then visit this page and follow the guidelines to make sure you’re fully prepared.