SSD Claimants get the best representation for DDJ Disability

I’m client focused and fully committed

I am a practicing non-attorney social security disability advocate. I’ve represented social security disability claimants in hearings before administrative law judges during the claims appeals process.

I’ve worked closely with claimants…

I transcribed verbatim records of court hearings in direct association with Administrative Law Judges, disability claimants, disability claimant representatives. The expertise I brought was critical to ensure the successful recording of Social Security Administration Title II and Title XVI disability hearings. I received hearing documentation, and submitted medical evidence with unrepresented claimants. During the process of a claim, I also verified hearing room and recording equipment readiness for hearings. I provided documentation of hearing testimony, and gave assistance to ALJs and SSA staff throughout the hearing process.

  • Monitored over 2,500 hearings during a four-year period
  • Completed Eligible for Direct Pay to Non Attorney Representative Certification process
  • Developed in-depth knowledge and expertise in social security disability laws and regulations, including the analysis of listings for physical and mental impairments
  • I managed grid rules to determine claimant disability status
  • Consistently received positive recognition from judges, claimant representatives
  • Worked closely with expert witnesses, and SSA office staff for accuracy and professionalism