SSD Hearings Representation

Social Security Disability application denials are common, and delays over the course of your appeal process are common. Get the support you need from DDJ Disability. Hearings Representation We represent you at hearings where we help field questions and guide you regarding your case. When roadblocks occur in your appeals … Read More

SSD Claims Case Development

Researching and strengthening your case is where the heavy lifting of successful appeals occurs. Case development is a partnership between DDJ Disability and you, the claimant. All the requirements for both parties in a successful professional relationship apply: Trust Honesty Integrity Communication Follow-up Reliability We’ll hold up our end of … Read More

Social Security Disability Applications

Before you apply for social security disability benefits, you may want to determine whether you qualify. You can learn more about how the Social Security Administration defines disability by visiting here. Social Security Disability Applications Millions of people apply for SS disability benefits every year, so statistically, you’re more likely … Read More

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